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Sicher. Flexibel. 100% Open Source.

Create vertically stacked expandable items

Advent Calendar (beta)Create an advent calendar

Create a sequence of images that gradually
AR Scavenger
Augmented reality fun!

Arithmetic Quiz
Create time-based arithmetic quizzes

Audio Recorder
Create an audio recording

Advent Calendar (beta)
Create an advent calendar

Create a collage of multiple images
​       Column
Column layout for H5P Content

Cornell Notes
Take notes using the Cornell system

Create a crossword puzzle

Dialog Cards
Create text-based turning cards

Create a dictation with instant feedback

​       Documentation 
Tool Create a form wizard with text export

Drag and Drop
Create drag and drop tasks with images

Drag the Words
Create text-based drag and drop tasks

Create essay
with instant feedback

   Fill in the Blanks
Create a task with missing words in a text

​Find Multiple Hotspots
Create many hotspots for users to find

Find the Hotspot
Create image hotspot for users to find

Find the words
Grid word search game

Create stylish and modern flashcards

 Guess the Answer
Create an image with a question and answer

​Iframe EmbedderEmbed from a url or a set of files
Image Choice
Create a task were the alternatives are images

Image Hotspots
Create an image with multiple info hotspots

JuxtapositionCreate interactive images

Image pairing
Drag and drop image matching game

​Image Sequencing
Place images in the correct order

Image Slider
Easily create an Image Slider

Impressive Presentation (ALPHA)
Create a slideshow with parallax effects