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Unser Team in der Schweiz und in Rumänien. 


Company team

Cornelia Nydegger CEO

Owner of  Company. 

Company team

Johannes U. Nydegger

Co-founder and chief visionary.

Driving force behind company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the software.

Company team

Christian Kanteng

BPhil. Server administration. Customer support. ERP trainer.

Student in programming LiveCode, Python, InDesign, Moodle, Jitsi.

Company team

Razvan Daniel Pais

MSTR in IT. Supervisor. Programmer LiveCode, Python, Photoshop, Indesign.

ERP Trainer. Server a dministration.

Moodle. Jitsi. RESTApi.

Company team

Fidelis Chakanyuka

MSTR in economics . Accounting & ERP implementation.

Company team

Diana Denisa Fira

Graphics, in training



Company team

Vaishali Dangi

Freelancer Python Django

B Eng. Python. Django REST framework. Django. Flask. Docker. Postgres. MySQL. Celery.


Company team

Ruben Constantin

Freelancer Java, JavaScript. Python, Angular,C#

Company team